Consuming marijuana would be an effective treatment for glaucoma

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Haiti is among the countries with higher prevalence rates of glaucoma, according to Haitian ophthalmologist Frantz Large.

At least this is what Haitian ophthalmologist Frantz Large has told us. He traveled across several remote rural areas of the country as part of the various charitable activities organized by Lions Club, an organization he chairs. (Ministry of Public Health and Population, in particular) the need to take effective measures.
“Haiti must be among the countries with the highest prevalence rates of glaucoma. It can not be said whether it is malnutrition or environmental conditions that spread the disease “that people suffer without even knowing it sometimes, believing that this disease, frequently found in patients across the country, to be the object of analysis and serious medical studies on the causes.
Glaucoma, caused by an abnormality that causes increased intraocular pressure, is asymptomatic, according to his explanations. A patient may suffer without feeling pain and, moreover, may fall blind if he is not given the necessary care. “Glaucoma care costs about $ 50 to $ 60 a month,” said the doctor, who deplores the fact that sometimes patients do not follow the doctors’ instructions to the letter.
Frantz Large has even taken the opportunity to provide advice, to provide solutions such as the consumption of marijuana. In addition to allowing patients to have care such as trabeculoplasty, which is a surgery laser procedure and trabeculectomy, it would be a good idea, in his opinion, to allow marijuana shape of tea or cachet. Frantz Large recalls that this plant is known by the scientific community for its effectiveness in reducing intraocular tension.

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